Thursday, January 31, 2008

Summary of "Momma, the Dentist and Me" by Maya Angelou

"Momma, the dentist, and me" story tells about racism. It tells about
discrimination to a Negro by a white man dentist. When the Negro—the
writer—had a toothache, the dentist did not want to treat her because
she is black. I do not have experience about discrimination when I get
toothache but I had been discriminated in sport. It happened when I
was a child. My classmates were playing football and I wanted to join
them. But, they did not permit me to join the playing because I was
not as tall as them. I was the shortest boy in my class and it made me
very sad. However, when I told my mother about it, I was not sad
anymore because she told me that it was a natural thing if I was
shorter than my friends because I was younger than them.

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Muddywaters said...

I see it the same way. There exists a nexus of racism, access to healthcare, and economic status. Maya Angelou's sharing of her childhood experience is a great vehicle.